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Caló Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Hispanoromani, Gitano, Iberian, and Romani.
This language is spoken by 40,000 Romani (Gypsy) people in Spain.  It is also spoken in Brazil, Portugal, and France.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Bato Nonrro
Bato Nonrro
sos socabas on o tarpe,
manjirificado quejesa tute acnao;
abillanos or tute sichen,
y querese tute orependola andial on la chen sata on o tarpe;
or manrro nonrro de cata chibel dinanoslo sejonia,
y estormenanos nonrrias bisauras
andial sata baberes estormenamos a nonrros bisaraores;
y nasti nes muques petrar on la bajanbo,
bus listrabanos de chorre.

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