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The Work of God's Children

  Southern Cakchiquel Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as 
Southern Kaqchiquel
This language is spoken by 43,000 people in 
an area south of Antigua, Guatemala.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer / Katata' Dios
Katata' Dios jatc'o chila' chicaj, can conojel ta ri winak xtiquiya' ta ak'ij, y nim ta xtiqui'en che ri lok'olaj abi'. Y xtoka yan ta ri k'ij cuando ja ret xcabano gobernar. Y ja' ta ri najo' ret, can jari' ta ri xtibanataj we' chech-ulef, amnche'l niqui'en ri jec'o
awiq'uin chicaj.
Y taya' chuka' kaway ri nic'atzin chake k'ij-k'ij.
Y can anche'l yekacoch' (yekacuy) ri winak ri c'o quitzelal niqui'en chake, quiri' ta xta'an ret kaq'uin roj, xtacoch' (xtacuy) ta kamac ri naka'an chawech.
Y man taya' lugar chi ri itzel nu'on chake chi jojtzak pa mac.
Can kojacolo' chech. Quiri' ri nakac'utuj, roma xe ret ri jatc'o pa kawi', c'o awuchuk'a', y c'o nimalaj ak'ij chi ronojel tiempo. Amén.

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