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The Work of God's Children

Cakchiquel (Central) Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Kaqchikel (Central).
This language is spoken by 132,000 in the Chimaltengo Department, southern Guatemala.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Katata' Dios atc'o chila' chicaj, xtibanatej ta c'a chi conojel ta ri vinek niquiya' ta ak'ij, y man ta xtquixolk'otij (xtiquixalk'atuj) ri lok'olej abi'.
Y xtoka' yan ta c'a ri k'ij tok ja rat ri yatoc ri Kak'atoy-Tzij. Y xe ta c'a ri navajo' rat chi niban re vave' chuvech re ruvach'ulef, can xe ta ri' ri nikaben, achi'el niquiben ri ec'o aviq'uin chil' chicaj.
Y taya' c'a chuka' ri kavay ri nic'atzin chike ronojel k'ij.
Y can aci'el yekacuy ri vinek ri c'o niquiben chike, que ta ri' xtaben kiq'uin roj, xtacuy ta c'a ronojel ri man utz ta ri yekaben chavech.
Y man c'a taya' k'ij chi ri itzel nuben ta chike chi yojtzak pa mac. Can kojacolo' c'a chuvech. Queri' ri nikac'utuj, roma xaxe c'a rat ri atc'o pa kavi', c'o avuchuk'a', y c'o ak'ij-ac'ojlen richin jantape. Can que vi ri'.

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