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 Beti Rosary Prayers
This language is the trade language of the area.  It is used in business.
This language is spoken by 2,000,000 people in Center, South and East Provinces, Cameroon.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father

A Tara wòan o në à yob,
dzoe doe a kiban.
Edzoe dzoe e zaak,
ׁnyian woe o bòban fë à si,
anë mbol ya yob.
Haa bia amos di bidi
biaan ya amos osë;
o dzu fë bia mëmvola maan,
anë mbol bi fë bi dzuya
mimvomvola miaan;
ai të wa kë ai bia à mëbobëla,
hë o haga bia abë mbe mot.
Asu Edzoe ai Ngu ai Duma
bi në embie kòm esë. Amën.

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