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Assinibone Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Assiniboin and Hohe.
This language is spoken in the Fort Belknap and Fort Peck reservations--Montana, USA and Canada.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Tuchiachttoobe / Our Father / Pater Noster
Tuchiachttoobe machpiachta yaeoenshi ba-eninshi
Our Father Heaven who art there let it

nabishi nietshalzilzi, Nitanwiadezi, ektyyaegnizi,
be great, thy name, Thy kingdom come,

yetshoeszizi aittshaiszi lenmachkoetzizi asêettshaiszi maehtpiachta
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven
Inkoem nangaah oezoezandie innimbechain,
give us this day the means of life,

ezieyakink taniôzeni etchoengoebezie sinkimbishnitshaa ektaes
look over our evil doings as we look over those who do

evil unto us.

Youechtontjen tanniaesni etchoem goebishniet tchain,
Guide us that we not fall into evil,

napéen giettshioenn ingninnaegé.
and drive off all evil from us.


Another version:
Ateunyaupi  / Our Father / Pater Noster
(We are not sure about all the letters, as many were blurry.)
Ateunyaupi         malipiya ekta   nanke cin;
Father we have   Heaven    in      thou art the

Nicaji        wakan   n(e? a?)pi          kte
Thy name   holy     regarded  shall,
Nitokiconze      hi       kte,
Thy Kingdom  come shall,

Malipiya okta token  aitawacin econpi   je,
Heaven     in     how  Thy will   is done the,

iyecen  maka akan econpi  kte,
so        earth   upon  done   shall

aupetu iyuba aguyapi je,
daily              bread    the

aupetu neeu ungupo;
daily    this   give us;

qa      waunbitanipi     je
and    our trespasses   the

unkicicajujupo unkis toua
erase for us       we    so many

sicaya (e or s)caunkiconpi    je
wrongly  have done to us     the

 iyecan wincaunkicajujupi     qa    taku
so           we erase for them   and  what

wawiyutan yan unjeen unkayapi
     temptation    in the  us cause

sinpo tuka taku sice jetahan
not     but  what  bad  from

runkuakupo.    Jenaka.
us deliver.        Amen.     

  Ishnish Maria / Hail Mary / Ave Maria
Ishnish Maria.
Wakantanka tawaste
ozuna, Nunga om ni un,
ohan wawaste niye.
Jesus ko nitamne zetanhan
inchakra wawaste.
Maria wakan,
Wakantanka Nungu, sicha
ceunghiciyabe nangahan,
nangun tohan
untabiktasten ko. Amen.

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