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 Northern Altai Rosary Prayers

This language is a Turkic language also known as Teleut, Telengut, and Telengit.
This language is spoken by people living in the Gomo-Altai Ao mountains of Russia on the border of Mongolia and China. The people speaking Northern Altai do not comprehend Southern Altai, which is considered a separate language.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

э тен̄epeдeг
Aдaбиc! /
Our Father / Pater Noster

Слер муніип мöргÿп айдыгар: э тен̄epeдeг
Aдaбиc! aцы Сенин̄ алкалзын;
Kaaндын̄ Сенин̄ келзин; каніип тен̄ереде,
aнiип jepдe-дee тын̄ Сенин̄ болзын̄:
Kÿндги aжыбисты бÿгÿн биске бергин;
Kaнiип пиc aлымдуларыбисти божодып јадыбис, бистин̄ aлымдарыбисти таштагын;
Jeткерге бисти кидирбегин; jaманнaн̄ бисти
apгалагын. Пашкарар пашкару, кÿчтÿ кÿч, мактулy мак дезе чактын̄ чака Сеніи. Аминь.

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