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 Algonquin Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Algonkin.
This language is spoken by  3,000 people in southwestern Quebec, northwest of Ottawa and in adjacent areas of Maniwaki and Golden Lake, Ontario, Canada. Algonquin is closely related to Ojibwe or Ojibway in Canada, and Chippewa in the United States.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Nidadaminan, 8ak8ig ka tean / Our Father / The Lord's Prayer / Pater Noster
(according to Saint Matthew)

Apitc dac aiamieieg, mi oo8e ke ikido8eg:
Nidadaminan, 8ak8ig ka tean,
8egona kakina a8iag kitci8a8endag kidijinikazo8ini.
8egona pijamagag kidogima8i8in.
8egona iji8ebag ooma akikag eji nda8endaman,
tabickotc ka iji8ebag 8ak8ig.
Mijicinam ogajigag midjim ke odji pimadiziag.
Kasiamaocinam ka iji patadiag,
tabickotc acitc ka iji ponenimagid8a igi8e kagi madji todago8ag.
Ka8in pagidenimi8eken kidji pakebinigo8ag,
8ack8ebinicinam dac madji manidokag.

Kit Anamikon Mani / Hail Mary / Ave Maria
Kit anamikon Mani,
mweckineckagoian kitcitwa oniciciiwewin;
kije Manito ki mamawiitim;
kakina endatciwatc ikwewak kin awacamenj ki
kitcitwawinigo, gaie kitcitwawina
Jesos ka anicinabewiitisotc
Kitcitwa Mani, kije Manito
wekwisisimatc gaganotamawicinam
neta patatiang, nongom
gaie wi nipoiang gaganotamawicinam.
Kekona ki ingi.

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